Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 348 - Of Murals and Giant Sunglasses

Since bombarding you with sketches for my church mural(s) project hasn't been at the forefront of this blog lately, here ya go...

I've started work on cleaned-up, to-scale versions that I can color and then present to those folks making the final decisions.

Also, since I love to do strange, mediocre, auto-biographical doodles... I got a pair of cheap-o sunglasses today to supplement my prescription clip-on ones.  The clip-ons attach via magnet and I always seem to knock them off of my face.  Since I don't wear glasses all the time (and can therefore get away with a regular pair of sunglasses) I went and got some that I wouldn't be devastated to lose and/or scratch and/or drop.  I had a rough time finding any that weren't comically large.  Is that what you kids are wearing these days?  I'm far from fashionable so I don't know these things.  All I do know is that they're huge but they'll do.

This is, of course, exaggerated... but not much.

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