Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 346 - Zoe vs. Smoothie

A few months ago my parents adopted a very cute, very funny, very too-smart-for-her-own-good West Highland White Terrier named Zoe.  We had a Westie named Bella for 16 years until we had to say goodbye to her three years ago.  They felt it was time for their lives to again be dictated by a smallish, white, stubborn animal whose presence makes wearing black impossible.  Enter Zoe. We all love her to bits.

This morning on her way to work, my mom was dropping Zoe off at the groomer's.  Part way through the trip, Zoe decides that she'd rather be in the front seat where my mom has, among other things, one of her smoothies that she drinks every morning.  Zoe proceeded to jump into the front seat, spill the smoothie, step in the spilled smoothie and then hippity-hop all over the rest of the car with her smoothie-coated paws. Always one to find a silver lining, I said "Well... at least she was on her way to the groomer's!"

Westies are difficult to draw in the same way that dandelion fluff is difficult to draw.  The underlying structure is hard to find.  I'm pretty happy with this, though.

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