Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 345 - I'm Very Emotional

I was born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania, about 40 miles south of Pittsburgh.  You won't be surprised then to learn that I am a devout, enthusiastic and unapologetic Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  Thirteen years ago I went and moved to central Ohio and have since been consistently and relentlessly harassed by all the Cincinnati and Cleveland fans I've managed to befriend. It's only strengthened my resolve.

In my house on Sunday afternoons between September and January you'll find Josh hiding in his office and the cat in a quiet place, removed from the living room.  This is because I'm physically incapable of keeping silent during a game.  I yell at the TV as if the team can not only hear me but would willingly take my advice if they could.  I get very animated and very emotive.

Today didn't shape up to be a stellar drawing day so I just have sketchy sketches today.  Nothing detailed, nothing great... or even good, for that matter.  I drew just a few examples of what I can be found doing during for four quarters on a typical Sunday.

This evening we spent some time hanging out at a local park with friends and I brought the ol' sketchbook along.  After many failed attempts at other drawings I just doodled eyes.

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