Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 332 - Not. Much.

The day started out with yet another sketch for the church mural project.  This:

That drawing is simplistic enough to maybe qualify as "not enough" so I started on other things, mainly a "jet pack princess".  Last night I was at an event with friends and at this event there were balloon artists to entertain the kiddos.  One of the balloon sculptresses listed off the things she could make: "Swords... light sabers... a jet pack... princess..." My brain is always looking for humorous anomalies and her last two items made me yell out "Jet pack Princess!" and I was answered with a round of requests to draw one.

So where's the drawing? There are several of them, actually, and they're all folded in half in the trash can under my desk at work.  That's where they belong.  They were decidedly not good and "Jet Pack Princess" will join the ranks of things I'll maybe draw some other day.

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