Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 321 - I Painted in Painter for a Painting

My aunt informed me awhile ago that I would be doing a large painting for her dining room.  She frequently asks me why I don't have any of my own work hanging in my house to which my response is always "Because then I'd have to look at it." I certainly don't mind my messes hanging in someone else's house, though.

So I did some color sketches in Painter for one such mess.  Here's one of 'em. I'm really intimidated by this project, mostly due to the scale of it.  There is absolutely no basis for that fear, though, because every large-scale painting I've ever done -whether it be a mural, set pieces, etc - has always come out just fine.  In fact, I might actually be a better painter when I work on a larger scale.  I just excel at psyching myself out for things before I've started on them.

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