Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 320 - I'm Tired, I Don't Wanna

That was more or less my mantra today.  I had every intention of making today a work-on-art day but you know what they say about good intentions... they're derailed by staying out too late on Friday night at the Dublin Irish Festival.  I'm not that into Celtic/Irish rock but Josh is... I'm more of a British indie-rock type of girl, myself... but good live music on a beautiful August evening is worth going to bed late for.

When I finally did settle in to chip away at one of my projects, I was reminded that I have a looming deadline that I'd completely forgotten about.  You may recall that every two months I do a little doodle for the cover of a publication at work.  This is needed on Monday.  I hadn't even started on it yet.  They asked for a back to school theme this time around... this is definitely cliched and a bit cutesy but I was pressed for time.

I'm a harsh font critic but I've decided to turn a blind eye to my choice there.  It's serviceable... and it's not Comic Sans.

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