Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 317 - Seriously...

Being too serious is not something I've ever been accused of.  My day-to-day goal is more or less to make myself laugh (which I do... often) and if others feel compelled to join me they are very much welcome to (which they do... often).  If you've seen even just a fraction of my blog entries you'll realize that this translates to my drawing subjects as well.  My interest in a subject wanes when I can't inject humor into it somehow.

That being said, the list of things that I'm not good at drawing could fill vast libraries.  Today's drawing encompasses several of those things: foliage, landscapes/scenery, and potential "backgrounds" for illustrations.  They bore me.  Today, though, I decided to come up with something that was out of my comfort zone. 

Also known as "What I wish my back yard looked like."

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