Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 316 - On Second Thought...

Today two co-workers were making a huge fuss over the discovery of some ants in the office of someone who is on vacation.  I told them that the way they were acting made me think that a giant ant had just installed itself at the desk and set up shop.  I decided to draw that:

It was funny to me at the time but once I got it home I decided I didn't care for it as much anymore.  I planned to draw a replacement drawing as soon as I finished eating dinner.  Well... I got busy doing other things and ran out of time and energy so you're stuck with this ant at a desk.  You deserve better than this ant at a desk but this ant at a desk is all I can muster today.

Incidentally, ants don't bother me... most bugs don't, actually.  There is one thing that I can't stand, though, and that's a centipede.  God help any centipede (or "thousand-leggers" in my childhood vernacular) that finds itself within the boundaries of my personal space because I will screech like a little girl until my husband comes to my rescue.

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