Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 314 - Floundering Phalanges

Hands are hard to draw.  You'd be hard pressed to find anyone (artistically inclined or not) who would disagree with that. Walking into a college-level drawing class and shouting "Hands are SO easy to draw. What's the problem?!" would be a terrific way to find yourself faced with forcefully thrown pencils to the skull.

I try to get serious about drawing hands, mainly by just looking at my own.  When you're faced with something that consists of so many moving parts, angles, creases, etc, it's difficult not to get overwhelmed so today I turned to another source.  Who does beautifully, expertly drawn, yet simple hands better than Disney animators?

If you'd like to play along at home and own The Art of Pocahontas you'll find my references for all of these hands.  They're not all great but, as one of my college professors used to say, "We all have a million bad drawings in us - better start getting them out."

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