Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 313 - Some Rants and a Mural Sketch

Sometimes, reader, sometimes I'll be a-truckin' along, doin' fine, bein' all proud o' myself for drawing 313 days in a row.  I'll feel good about how much better I've become and how I'm only continuing to improve.  Sometimes, that's what happens...

...cue the violently screeching brakes sound effects...

Suddenly, the storm cloud of doubt enters brought on by seeing other peoples' work.  I'm drenched in raindrops entitled "He draws feet a million times better than I do." "I wish my faces were that good." "I really need to loosen up my postures." Etc... you see where I'm going here.  Long story short:  EVERYONE is better than I am at EVERYTHING.  I drown in the thought that I've lost so much time over the years NOT drawing that I'll never be able to catch up to where I "should be."

Fortunately for me, I'm not one to let things paralyze me (anymore).  Oh, I keep going and I'll keep drawing but everyday I'll be haunted by those thoughts to some extent.  I guess everyone is like that in some regard.  I just have to keep a-truckin' along and see what happens.

ANYWAY... here's a revised sketch based on the requests made for the mural I'll be doing.

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