Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 310 - When It Rains...

Suddenly, I find myself up to my elbow hair with projects.  This is a good thing, sure... but they all showed up at roughly the same time.  Things I'm currently bouncing back and forth between:

1. A logo design for a friend.
2. A potential mural client (see yesterday's blog post)
3. A very large-scale painting for my aunt.
4. The matching back for the book cover I designed a while back.
5. Prep work for an eight week art class I've been asked to teach at work.

Plus just today someone else hinted at their interest at hiring me to do a small sketch for their son.


I'm grateful for all of this work but when I get exceedingly busy I tend to go into shutdown mode.  Shutdown Mode more or less consists of me NOT working on what I should be working on and instead looking at chicken recipes on Pinterest and periodically rubbing my eyes and saying "Ugh, I should work."  Tonight, though, I ignored the siren song of poultry preparation and made myself work.

 So HERE is a color mock up of the logo for my friend...
...and some sketches for my aunt's painting.

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