Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 304 - Some Pig

A pig fixed my week.

Several factors have contributed to me having an increasingly crummy week.  The majority's share of the blame belongs to the heat and humidity that we've dealt with here in Ohio for the last several days.  It's making people crazy and in turn people are making me crazy. It's worn me down and I've not been my usual jovial self.

Enter the pig.

I work at a continuing care senior community and our nursing home floor had a program today featuring visiting animals. One of those animals was a potbellied pig.  I'm not sure if the pig had an adverse reaction to riding in an elevator or it just decided that it was done being paraded about on a leash but its poor handlers had a terrible time getting it out of the lobby.  One of the handlers came up to the front desk to ask me for a handful of tissues which she then proceeded to hold up to the pig's posterior while the other handler trying desperately to guide the pig to the front door before it could express its appreciation for our carpeting.  The pig decided it was having none of this and walked around in circles, snorting and oinking up a storm.  A co-worker (who was at my desk at the time) and I were laughing so hard that we had tears running down our faces.  The pig was eventually removed from the building, albeit at a glacial pace, and balance was again restored to the universe.

Have you ever met one of those people that just never laughs?  I am NOT one of those people. I laugh at the drop of a hat, but apparently I required an above-average kind of laugh to shake me out of my funk.  I've been in a much better mood ever since.

So here's to you, pig.  You saved my week.

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