Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 300 - Sorry, Dad

Today is Day three-flippin'-hundred, folks.  I can't believe it.

Every Sunday evening Josh and I get together for dinner with my parents and my aunt.  My parents and I were all born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania and as a result are brand loyal to Heinz when it comes to ketchup.  

Like any good southwestern Pennsylvanian, my dad puts ketchup on everything.  This evening that fact prompted my mom to refer to my dad as The Ketchup King.  I immediately interjected with "I haven't drawn anything yet today... there it is!  Kevin the Ketchup King."  For obvious reasons I'm not going to abbreviate that title because I'd hate to give the false impression of my family having anything to do with horrible, racist organizations.

I'm interested to find out what my dad will think of this.  I betcha any money he'll make the exact face I've depicted him with.  

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