Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 299 - Some Saturday Silliness

We had a yard sale today.  More accurately, we sat in our driveway with our junk on a beautiful Saturday morning while commenting on the lack of people at our yard sale.  That's what happens when you live on the very end of a cul-du-sac, I guess.  No through traffic.

Friends of ours contributed their junk to our sale as well.  Among their offerings was an old gas dryer and one of those awful fake ficus trees every apartment dweller seems to have owned at some point in time.  The ficus showed its displeasure at being discarded by continually falling over.  The dryer remained passive.  We sold almost nothing, certainly not enough to justify the effort, but thanks to a Craigslist curb alert, we got rid of most things...

..most things, that is, except the Dryer and the Ficus.  Stalwart to the end, they were.  So much so that they got their own tribute painting in honor of their bravery in the face of the vicious bargain hunters of north Columbus.

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