Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 285 - A Different Medium

Today was our annual summer cookout/party that we throw for our friends.  The first half of my day was spent prepping for said party and the second half was spent, well... partying.  Do you see how I'm building up layers of an excuse here?  Can you predict that my next statement will involve some kind of reasoning behind why I didn't do anything more involved today?

Does a drawing on the dry erase board in my kitchen count?  Sure it does... it's a drawing, ain't it?!

It's really difficult to draw on a dry erase board, by the way.  Also, the "Closed due to weather" sign was added by one of the party goers due to the absolutely torrential rain/hail that blew through central Ohio during the festivities.  That kind of weather makes conversation with 21 other people nearly impossible on a screened in porch with a metal roof. 

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