Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 282 - We're Up All Night to Get Punky.

If you read yesterday's post you'll recall that my darling husband came up with two drawing ideas for me: Gandalfeeny and Daft Punky Brewster.  The former, I drew yesterday and the latter I've tackled today. 

On the off chance that you're not familiar with the 1980's show Punky Brewster, it was about a young girl who was adopted (along with her dog) and is generally quirky and wears crazy colors, etc.  In my kid eyes no one was cooler than Punky Brewster.

On the off chance that you're not familiar with Daft Punk, they're a French duo of musicians who produce all manner of nifty electronic music... and wear helmets while in public.Here's a song of theirs that you're welcome to get stuck in your head for the rest of your natural life.

On the off chance that you're still reading this... Here's Daft Punky Brewster.

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