Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 277 - The Time Burglar

Here's yet another autobiographical drawing.  I do a lot of those.  It's cathartic, I guess.

Some co-workers and I have a term to describe a certain class of individual that we all seem to deal with.  A time burglar is one who will, without mercy, suck the ever-lovin' life out of you in an attempt to solve a problem, obtain information or request a service of some kind.

A Time Burglar is easily identified by his/her frequent use of elongated "ummmmmmm"s and often punctuates sentences with overly-dramatic sighs.  A Time Burglar will rob you blind if you're not careful.

Today, one of my aforementioned co-workers enthusiastically encouraged me to draw my interpretation of The Time Burglar.  After some consideration I decided the concept would be better conveyed by employing a simple narrative... that ends with death and destruction, as is only fitting.

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