Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 274 - Back It Up

I don't even have the mental wherewithal to get into this... long story short: in what turned out to be not one of my more intelligent moments, I saved my line drawing from the other evening in a manner that makes it incredibly difficult (and very possibly, impossible) to paint it in the manner I'm accustomed to. (if I'd implemented the backup device my brilliant husband set up on my computer maybe I'd not be in this predicament.) After wrestling with it for a half hour or so I decided that for this evening's drawing I'd use a doodle I made at work earlier and call it a night.

In what will no doubt join the pile of "illustrations I mean to complete one day" I started in on thinking about something involving my grandmother cheering at our annual 4th of July parade (that she helped start 50+ years ago).

It's not super, but it's somethin'.  Now I can retreat to a hole and regret my thinking-like-an-artist-not-a-logical-person actions. Feh.

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