Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 261- An Outlet For My Attitude

Salespeople are the natural enemy of the receptionist.  I apologize if you are a member of that profession but politely disposing of those of your ilk is one of the things I excel at.  Very frequently representatives from various companies will show up unannounced and ask to speak to some of our most busy employees.  Most of the time a polite "I'm sorry but they're not available" will suffice but other times they put up a fight.

My favorite class of difficult salesperson is Guy Who Is Roughly My Age Who Think He Can Charm Me. Unless you're my husband or a certain tall, British gentleman with a funny name, that tactic won't work. This is where I employ one of the most surprisingly effective weapons in my arsenal: I stand up and continue the conversation at eye level.  For whatever reason that simple action throws a wet blanket over any overly-assertive salesman behavior and I can usually contain the situation fairly quickly after that.

So this happened today, of course... I decided to draw what I wish I could do rather than what I have to do to remain professional. It's interesting how every time I draw myself I look different.  I have this little army of Characters That Resemble Sarah.  Someday maybe I'll finally settle on a style. 

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  1. You're so clever! Way to show those icky wannabe manipulators who's boss. :)