Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 257 - The Green Giant

I have a smallish, raised bed garden in my side yard that I grow vegetables in every summer.  A few weeks ago I prepped it for the new planting season by putting peat moss in with the existing dirt.  I'm guessing that there was something nefarious in with the peat moss that caused a consistent layer of nasty, nasty weeds to grow like the plague across the entire length of my garden.  I spent two hours today pulling it all out.  I think that most of my seedlings survived the onslaught but my carrots took some heavy casualties.  The weeds just choked out their ability to grow like they should've.

So of course, here's what I think really happened... the nasty, weedy peat moss personified as some manner of nasty, weedy peat moss villain.

(I drew this on a large sketch pad that was almost too big to fit on the scanner... hence the weird shadow/cropping.)

1 comment:

  1. Here's a possible sequel drawing idea: my garden is suddenly missing all my zucchini and yellow squash seedlings, and a some corn sproutlings. It's either a rabbit or deer, stealing into the yard in the dead of night, eating my innocent garden plantings.