Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 254 - Half Evil

I love to have conversations with people that end with someone saying, "You should draw that!"  I'm fortunate to frequently be in that situation and this weekend was no exception.  While waiting in line for various rides at Kennywood with our friends Rob and Meghan, we discussed how Rob is frequently acting as a tripod for Meghan's camera (she's a photographer.) In yet another example of how everyone I know is far more intelligent and interesting than I am, Rob has a Ph.D. and is a college history professor.  These two elements were combined and "Doctor Tripod" was the resulting drawing suggestion.

In what is by no means a reflection of Rob's character, I decided that Doctor Tripod sounded more like a villain.  I also decided that he should be half puny slave to academia and half metal robot with three legs (tripod, get it?!) So I drew the upper half today... and this doesn't look anything like Rob because I'd hate for his students to get wind that he's a super villain who teaches African History by day and plots for world domination by night.

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