Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 253 - Oh, The Things You'll Eat!

As I mentioned two days ago, we spent a lovely weekend in my place of origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In our brief travels throughout that lovely city we ate A LOT.

Pittsburgh's famed Strip District is a blend of wholesale food shops, gourmet stores, coffee shops, ethnic restaurants and everything in between.  Quite a bit of our gastronomical damage was done on a short stretch of Penn Avenue alone.

That brings us to Kennywood Park, famous for its Potato Patch fries among other things.  Mass quantities were consumed there as well.  It's amazing we managed to fit on the rides after all of that.

Seeing as how my stomach is still happy with all of these recent developments I decided that I'd draw today a Still Life of Things I Ate This Weekend... at least a sampling, anyway.

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