Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 248 - What A Doll

Last night as we were settling in to go to sleep I was being generally ridiculous about something and laughing.  Josh said "Go to sleep, Sarah."  After a thoughtful pause I observed "That sounds like an action figure or a doll or something... Go To Sleep Sarah."  He said "There's your drawing tomorrow."

My deep and abiding love for a good nap made it more than appropriate for me to have my own Go To Sleep Sarah doll.  Of course, she comes with accessories: An ergonomic pillow because her neck hurts without it, the evil but necessary alarm clock and the obligatory TARDIS travel mug of coffee for when Sarah does have to get up.  Sold separately is Go To Sleep Sarah's cat, Charlie, who will wait until 2:00 AM to violently leap onto Go To Sleep Sarah's stomach in an attempt to find a cushy place to sleep.

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