Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 229 - Another Late Saturday Start

This morning I was going to draw.  Instead I changed the EGR valve on Josh's car. *

This afternoon I was going to draw.  Instead I took a nap.

After my nap I was going to draw.  Instead I helped Josh clean off our screened in porch.

After dinner? Definitely going to draw.  Instead we watched Young Frankenstein. 

It wasn't until 9:45 that I sat down to work on painting my hummingbird.  A downside of this blog is that if the only think I produce during the day is a VERY in-progress, very trying-to-figure-this-out kind of drawing, I still have to post it.  Some visual proof of my working must be displayed.

Please, then, keep in mind that this is me figuring out base colors and laying down broad swaths (I hate that word) of paint that I will eventually blend/make look like something (allegedly).

*As much as I'd love to bask in undeserved accolades, that happened under Josh's supervision and tutelage... NOT of my own knowledge or skill.  I mainly did it just so I could say "Yeah, remember that time I changed the EGR valve on Josh's car?" Fun at parties. 

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