Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 214 - Refined Raptor

As you may recall from this post I have deep-seated, traumatic issues with Jurassic Park.  My husband, however, counts it among his favorite films.  It goes without saying that I had no desire to see the newly released 3D version. Enter our friend Mike who was kind enough to go with Josh yesterday evening to take my place.

I always enjoyed the Fox series "The Critic" that aired back in the 90's and I frequently toss around quotes from the show.  One oft quoted scene is this:

Today Josh suggested that I draw my interpretation of the "Mister Pilkington" from the video.

Several potential titles for the book were tossed around but 1. I'm not good at lettering and 2. I didn't have enough room.  Seems like a shame to not share them, though:

The Illiad and the Omnivore
War and Pakisaurus
Corythosaurus in the Rye
The Lurdusaurus of the Rings
Pride and Protoceratops

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