Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 201 - My New Toy

Because Josh and I generally have our feet planted firmly on the unorthodox side of life, our date nights more often than not include a trip to our favorite local thrift store and/or discount store and/or dollar store.  Last night's adventure at Dollar Tree netted me THIS beauty:

I had no idea such a thing existed outside of the Looney Tunes universe and admittedly I was far more excited than any 31 year old woman has a right to be about a plastic gun.

So of course I had to incorporate this magnificent piece of Made in China memorabilia into a drawing... preferably with a matching cartoon version of myself.  I got carried away and drew too large, thus necessitating an adjacent piece of paper to fully contain all of my excitement.

This is more or less an accurate depiction of how I actually perceive myself and it's getting colored asap!

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