Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 174 - Quick Sunday Sketch

When I'm not sure what else to draw I often fall back on one of my multiple books on Alphonse Mucha.

It's become very popular lately to put pop culture characters into Mucha-style vignettes. If I may put on my thick framed glasses, hop on my fixed gear bike and have a Hipster Moment: I've liked Mucha for longer than "the internet" has.  He had an uncanny ability to include so much decorative detail in his drawings yet they're beautifully simple at the same time.  My copying them is a pathetic attempt to try and absorb even just a little of that... even if I don't include a vast amount of detail as I haven't in today's drawing.

Regardless of how well I may copy one of his drawings my natural clumsiness always shines through.

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