Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 161 - Nothin' To See Here...

Ok... you've noticed I don't do a lot of colored drawings (or finished illustrations for that matter).  I've posted starts of things in the past and I never finish them.  Truth is, is that I'm relatively new to digital painting and I've still got my training wheels on.  Is it possible to have training wheels ON your training wheels?  If so... that's me.

If you put me in a room full of monkeys with colored pencils I would be able to hold my own but digital painting is a whole other beast. I've been really frustrated with not doing anything in color lately.  Instead of running from it I finally decided to face it head on tonight and just TRY and do something with one of my flamingo drawings.

This doesn't look like a lot... and it really isn't... but I'm slow and stupid when it comes to this so I feel like I at least learned a little more tonight.  This not NOT high-res because I was already so defeated going into this tonight that I didn't make my file size the proper resolution to start out with.

I just picked at the part around the eye.  It's a start...

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