Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 145 - Poe. Purr. Ree.

It's Sunday so you know what that means.. A whole lotta nothin'.  I can never seem to get motivated on the weekends despite the increased amounts of free time at my disposal.

All I've really wanted to do all day today is take a hot bath and read. (Jane Eyre - for the hundredth time.)

Anyway, today's grab-bag-of-not-much includes a half-hearted attempt (AGAIN) at figuring out an outlining solution to my Chinese food drawing.

It doesn't look a whole lot different than the last time I put it on here, does it?  Nope.

Not satisfied with that, I tried to doodle while watching The Simpsons this evening (which I don't normally watch but had a particular interest in this evening's guest voice cameo) and that didn't work out so well either:

An anemic aquatic-like creature; a mildly deranged popsicle; and a candle that appears to be related to Swiss cheese.  Sure, why not?

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