Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 142 - Boring with a Chance of Weird

Devoid of any cleverness is how I found myself today.  This blog isn't called One Interesting Drawing Per Day for a reason.

Josh had a dream the other night that we found an escaped penguin and before we could get a hold of the zoo we brought it home and it chased our cat Charlie around.*  I thought that sounded like fun so I drew it.
But... because I'm lacking the necessary elements to think outside the box today I portrayed it in the most boring, straightforward, non-interesting way possible.

Because I was so unimpressed with myself I did another drawing based on a request of a "crane with lobster claws."  The "crane" in the sentence was meant as the bird NOT the piece of heavy machinery but because of my penchant to never do quite what I'm asked to do...

* I removed six commas from this sentence.  I'm a serial comma over-user.  Maybe I took out one too many in an attempt to overcompensate.

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