Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 133 - Draw What You Know

Of the many superpowers that my husband possesses (remodeling our kitchen, fixing cars, being generally awesome), he's a whiz with computers.  In fact, that happens to be his 40 hour-a-week superpower.  He works for a church/private school and yesterday he told me about a kids book that he was reading while he was waiting for a computer to boot in a kindergarten classroom.  I didn't ask him what was wrong with the computer... I didn't ask him what book he was reading... No, I asked him if he was sitting in one of those little plastic kid chairs instead of a regular chair.  (As if there was some kind of law against adult-sized chairs in that setting.)

He wasn't... but it was too late to bring that train back to the station.

I'd like to take this moment to verify that it was Josh who said "That should be your drawing for the day tomorrow!"

I use Josh as the subject for my drawings on a fairly regular basis.  This is because:
1. He's a great sport.
2. He has a fantastic sense of humor (a required skill in anyone wishing to be married to me)
3. He's eight and a half shades of adorable.

Anyway... here's Josh in an itty, bitty chair reading a book and fixing a computer.

BONUS: Here's us as we actually appear to the human eye.  His eight and a half shades of adorable carry the vast majority of our overall cute score.  Without him I'd only register a one (or two on a good day.)

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