Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 122 - Two Starts, Zero Finishes

To those of you who may have particular neuroses regarding unfinished things, I apologize for today's post.  I started two drawings today and didn't finish either one of them.Why? Because it's Friday and I don't wanna and I'm tired.

So there.

Josh challenged me to draw the cutest, most sappy, saccharinely sweet kitten I could come up with.  Here's what I started out with:

And for my second unfinished drawing... *sigh* I'm still haunted by the Squirrelock Holmes that Josh made me draw a few weeks ago.  I'm not even going to link to that day's post - If you want to see it bad enough you can find it.

Anyway... I'm haunted by how much I hate that drawing that Josh made me do so I started to redo it.  I like it better now... and my apologies are once again extended to the enormously talented Mr. Cumberbatch.  That I've been made to reduce your incredible work to a silly sketch on a goofy blog where I crank out mediocre sketches that make me laugh... well... it'll keep me up tonight shuddering. 

Ok... enough stalling... here it is:

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