Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 116 - Syntax is Your Friend, Kids.

I need to preface this blog post with a short public service announcement:  I love my husband.  He's a phenomenal human being.  And look! He remodeled our kitchen with his own two, manly hands.

That being said...

Yesterday evening we were waiting for our takeout order an an awesome local Jamaican restaurant and we were discussing things I should draw for this blog.  What Josh ACTUALLY said was "You should draw [for] me... a combination between a unicorn and a dragon.  What I HEARD, though, was "You should draw me as a combination between a unicorn and a dragon."  Even though he clarified, that seed was already planted in my fertile little mind and it was already too late.

In case you're tempted to accuse me of spousal cruelty via a web-based journaling device (which in Ohio, is NOT a crime) I feel like I need to tell you that Josh laughed heartily at this.

Plus really... a combination unicorn/dragon falls into the category of "fantasy art" that I'm about as much into fantasy art as I am into fan art (which is to say, NOT AT ALL.)  This is way more interesting.

P.S. I also realize I've already abused my poor husband in this post... the man still loves me.  I can cook a heck of a pot of spaghetti sauce so my guess is that's why he's still around.

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