Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 115 - Use Your Imagination

I started out today like most days... in need of a caffeine-based stimulant, hesitant to part with my flannel sheeted bed and having no idea what that day's drawing will be.  Today's answer to the last of those daily nuggets came in the form of a request from a coworker.  (The answer to the first came by way of Seattle's Best and the answer to the second is far more tragic... I had to temporarily sever ties with said bed sheets.)

Allison's friend Kristin wanted to run her first 5k race this year.  So for her birthday Allison was awesome enough to buy Kristen (and herself) entry to a local 5k.  Allison wanted something tangible to give Kristin to announce her gift so she asked me to draw some race bibs.

The "use your imagination" part comes in because Allison took this drawing with her today and we don't have a color scanner or copier at work.  So this is a black and white copy of what is actually colored with red, green, purple and black ball point pens.

So... you know... imagine that.

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