Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 78 - Coercion & Creepiness

A few weeks ago I drew a series of squirrels and said it was for a drawing that Josh requested.  You might have gathered based on my language that I was hesitant to fulfill this request.  There's a reason for that and that reason is because "fan art" creeps me out.

I'll spare you a lengthy manifesto on why I feel that way.  I just do.  Although, there are so many fantastic artists/illustrators out there who do fan art (and they're a trazillion times more talented than I am) the fact remains that it creeps me out.  I like to leave the things I love contained in their original packages.

Ok... so now back to Josh's drawing request:  Squirrelock Holmes. *sigh*  If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll recall that I'm more-than-just-a-little enthusiastic about BBC's Sherlock.  So Josh requesting that I draw "Squirrelock Holmes" was akin to asking me to do fan art.

You see how I tied everything together there?  I'm takin' you on a journey, folks.

So I drew this one... Thinking I'd get out of it easy by doing the old-school Sherlock:

Cute right? Deer-stalker hat, magnifying glass... adorable, right? Wrong.  I emailed Josh and said "I feel that you should know that today's drawing is Squirrelock Holmes." To which he replied "Which one?" (meaning which version.)  My answer of "Not the good one" sparked a threat to draw the modern version himself.  I immediately decided that my version would be less... let's say "offensive".  Here, I thought I was off the hook...

I managed to avoid Josh's specific request back in this post and I wasn't so sure I could avoid it again.  The man lives to make me squirm.  So feeling all manner of icky and ten and a half shades of creepy, I did this:

My personal apologies to the lovely and talented Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch.  It's my husband who's the absolute weirdo that made me draw this.

 It was only a matter of time before I'd have to pay for all that swooning I do.  I should've gone with the Johnny Lee Miller version... it's too late now.

My clicking of the "Publish" button will set off a chain reaction of cringing that might never stop until I'm dead.

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