Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 101 - Krispy Kreme to the Rescue.

I had a scheduled day off of work today and I spent it driving around downtown Columbus with my mom looking for impossible-to-find parking spaces (a.k.a. trying to find a place to have lunch in German Village.)
It got to be around 5:00 and Josh reminded me that I hadn't drawn yet which was a problem because we'd planned a dinner/movie outing for this evening. I thought about that for awhile and said "You know... yesterday was Day 100 and I did TWO drawings.  Maybe that constitutes a day off."  Josh replied with something along the lines of "Eh... maybe." to which I said "We'll see when we get home."

We saw The Hobbit which was awesome despite its disappointing lack of visible villainy. That's what next year's installment is for, I guess...

...anyway... we stopped at Krispy Kreme for a late night snack and didn't get home until 11:00.  My husband immediately reminded me that I hadn't drawn yet and then GODZILLA showed up and made us tea before totally destroying the neighborhood.  That didn't really happen but this story was getting boring and I had to make sure you were still paying attention.

Boring long story short: I did a quick sketch of our donuts at 11:00 PM while sitting at the kitchen table.  Godzilla wasn't invited. I escaped a Picture of Shame. The End.

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