Sunday, October 28, 2012

Days 40 & 41 - Strange Requests and Bad Doodles.

I spent this weekend at a retreat center helping out a friend of mine who has an awesome ministry for middle schoolers.  It was their annual conference and about 100 kids attended.  I got to know a lot of great people from my own church who I never get to interact with, otherwise.  While I was telling them about this blog I was asked if I took requests.  I said that I did.  The following is the results of those requests... and they're all from the same person:

1. A snowman that's actually made out of pumpkins:

2. A hand reaching out of a box of popcorn:

3. A raccoon making a peace sign, holding nunchuks riding a dolphin.

And on a FAR less interesting note... here's a tree I sketched.  

After all the craziness of this weekend, I'm thoroughly exhausted... but I still hadn't drawn today (Sunday).  So I tried to doodle.  Tried.  TRIED.  I'm tired. It's bad.  It is what it is.

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  1. You know, as a "thank you" to Aaron, you should draw something Spider-Man related (if Marvel copyright allows...). 'Cause Aaron loves Spider-Man. He even had an alternate personality named Parker. Maybe your own version of a spider man. Hmm... --Carrie