Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 43 - More Miscellany

You know, any artist/photographer/knife thrower/welder/what have you will tell you that they don't do amazing stuff EVERY day of the week.  So in response to the completely imaginary criticism from you readers that I've totally fabricated in every way... I feel like I have to defend myself.  Some days... a lot of days... it's just not happenin'.  My point is, is that I'm at least drawing something everyday even if it's very rarely fabulous.

So now that I've lowered today's bar to a subterranean level... I did some more thinking-in-thumbnails about Christmas card layouts and then some random doodles for which I have no explanation other than I was in a sinus headache induced haze.

Why yes, that IS an eyeball "plant" that's sprouted two feet, why do you ask?

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