Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 36 - Shenanigans.

My husband called shenanigans on me for today's drawing.  I suspect the man is positively foaming at the mouth for the chance to engineer a Picture of Shame.  Clearly, this viewpoint has skewed his judgement.

I had a busy day today at work, came home and made/ate dinner and headed back out to church.  I didn't have a lot of time to draw today.  It got to be about 3:00 this afternoon when I thought "Oh shoot... I haven't drawn anything yet today!" My panic-induced mind couldn't conjure up anything properly whimsical and/or fabulous.  So behold... Today's drawing of the day:

When I start this blog I never, ever said that I'd daily produce a finished, masterpiece, museum quality piece. They ain't all winners, folks.

Plus... plus... last night I was cutting up some hot peppers to freeze before they went bad.  I got some under my right thumbnail and it's been stinging all day.  I was INJURED, you guys.  Steps away from being maimed... I think you all should consider yourselves LUCKY that I even did anything today. LUCKY.

Speaking of luck... better luck tomorrow.

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