Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 21 - Three Weeks!

Today marks three weeks that I've successfully kept this up.  It feels really good TO BE ABLE TO SAY THAT!  (I accidentally turned caps lock on there but I thought maybe I'd leave it for emphasis, what do you think?)

Today I decided to draw some random fun stuff (Google Image Search is your friend, kids).  And I learned the following:

1. Jacks, while seemingly simple in design and construction, are actually really hard to draw... correctly... in perspective.  And we all know how good I am with perspective after the wonky plate incident from the other day. *shudder*

2. You can't just do a Google Image Search for "Top" because there appears to be a Korean fellow who uses that name and is quite popular.  Search for "spinning top" instead.

3. The deliciously bejeweled sugary facets of the ever-opulent Ring Pop are super fun to draw.

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