Sunday, September 30, 2012

Days 10, 11 and 12 - Back!

My husband and I spent a lovely weekend in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio this weekend.  As promised, I drew every day despite having hiked 5-ish miles yesterday and being generally tired today.  I feel myself getting better already.  It may not be anything perceptible by outsiders but I can tell things are different.  It's very encouraging and maybe soon I can move beyond just sketchy things and get more involved.

So what I did over the weekend: Quick sketch of a lighthouse from an Ohio travel guide; some leaves, a branch and a post from the porch of the cabin we stayed in; and tonight (because I was feeling lazy) what was in front of me on the coffee table.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 9 - Not Feelin' It Today.

I tried to come up with something to draw today... wasn't happening.  So this is the best I could conjure up while watching TV on the couch.  It's... not impressive (although I sort of like the tea cup - no idea where that came from).

Also, I'll be out of town for the next few days and not near a scanner or computer. I will however still draw SOMETHING every day and post them all (good or bad) when I get back.

I promise... 'cause now I have evidence that a few of you are keeping an eye on me and I'm not just writing this to myself anymore.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 8 - More Cat/Mouse stuff.

The lovely folks from my life group at church are coming for a potluck this evening so I had to get this done during the day at work!  I'm trying to finalize what I'm going to eventually do for the cover of the creative writing class's collection of stories.

I've only owned a cat for two years... she's the first cat I've ever lived with so I'm not too super-great at drawing cats.  All the cat sketching I've done over the last few days must've paid off, though, because I drew this whole thing from memory.  No, it's not perfect... but it's better than I was capable of even a week ago.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 7 - Well whattaya know?

1. I made it a whole week!
2. This may come as a surprise to many but it seems as though if one practices at something one's tendency is to get better at that thing.  Go figure.

I did this at work today on some scrap paper (hence the mysterious, faint writing - no need to decipher it unless you're curious as to what they're serving for dinner on Saturday in the assisted living area of my work).  It came to me relatively easy as if I've gotten better at it.  Go figure.

These were done on legal size paper... hence the weird split - wouldn't all fit in the scanner.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 6 - Strange Doodle

I started out this evening attempting to draw several different things... none of which came out any good.  I had to have something to put on here for today and I was running out of time.  So this happened:

Right.  It does represent a glimmer of hope, though, because I've been really incapable of doodling lately.  So I guess there's something pent up in there trying to get out.  I'm not sure I want to know what it is.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 5 - Cats

I work at a really terrific retirement community and every two months the creative writing group puts out a compilation of stories, etc.  They usually ask me to draw something for the cover.  This is my "thinking on paper" about some ideas for that cover.

It's amazing to me how difficult a simple still life (in this case, cat on couch) has become for me.  I almost just want to stop mid-drawing because something so easy has become such a chore.  But that attitude is what got me in this situation to begin with.  So I do what I can do for now until I get back up to my previous level of operation.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 4 - Late entry.

I know what you all were thinking... "Gosh, I'd really love a piece of chocolate cake right about now." and then followed by "It's 10:30 PM and that loser hasn't even posted her daily drawing yet!"  Well, cut me a piece of that cake and I'll tell you why... I was out running around with my lovely mother all day and then our lovely neighbors invited us to dinner.  I just got home at 10:00 PM and in order to avoid my Picture of Shame I had to throw together this bit of business in Painter.

I'm actually better with color that this would lead you to believe...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 3 - I'm tired.

I feel like I'm catching a cold... but it's only Day 3 so I can't quit now.  My husband says that if I skip a day I have to make a hand written confession of my failure to draw, have my picture taken with it, and post it on here instead.

So the alternative is three random bits of sketchiness... cat sketches, various cartoon eyes and something I copied out of an art nouveau book.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 2 - Yikes

I hope you woke up this morning and said to yourself "Self, I really hope that today I see a bad drawing of a bike seat and an iffy gestural sketch of a large cat."  If you said that than you're awfully creative in the morning... and, you're also in luck.

...but at least I did something today.  I actually did MORE than this today but this is only what I was willing to post... and only just barely.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 1 - Nothing Fancy

Ok, so again... this is just to get me to do SOMETHING everyday.  I'm not trying to win awards and accolades here.  Just some doodling for Day 1...


I’ve started this blog mostly for myself because once upon a time I didn’t have to force myself to draw every day.  I have a BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design and graduated in May of 2004.  Since then I’ve allowed myself to reach varying degrees of rusty.  There are times when I have commissions and drawing every day isn’t as much of a problem… then there are the times when I don’t have anything and I don’t DO anything.  I’ve become quite skilled in the fine art of stagnation.  This isn’t a new problem for me and I’m genuinely attempting to fix it by having to keep myself publicly accountable to produce SOMETHING every day.  It’s difficult to have to play catch up with myself when I'm asked to do something.  If I was just practiced and ready in the first place maybe I wouldn’t feel like such a fraud.  I’m to the point when I can’t even doodle anymore… I’m creatively constipated. 

This is hard to do for me… it’s hard to know how rusty I am and to still put myself out there.  My brain operates very well on visual evidence of progress so I’m hoping to be able to get this going long enough so that I can scroll through and prove to myself that I’m getting better.  I’m not looking for praise… heck, I’m not even looking for an audience… I’m just looking to better myself and hopefully break an embarrassing habit that I wrestle with. 

(The previous two paragraphs shall henceforth be known as the “Woe Is Me” intro.) 

So here goes…